REACT online training

REACT has launched a new online training course for students.

This training is primarily aimed at class reps, SU reps, and clubs and societies committee members, but any student could benefit from completing this training. This training is completely free and open for anyone to try.

While this training is aimed at students, the staff in your institution may also benefit from undertaking the training or using the additional resources provided.

This training will be freely available to anyone and can be accessed through the link below or via the REACT website, in the resources section ( or go can go directly to the course via this link (

This training would ideally be utilised as part of a regular class rep training but can also be promoted on campus and via the college’s or student union’s social media platforms.

The training is hosted on ‘Eliademy’, which is an e-learning platform. It can be completed on a computer, tablet or smart phone. The training takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. It includes 6 videos, 4 quizzes and an additional resources section. The additional resources section includes 4 infographs, which can be shared on social media, as well as additional information and a list of references which inform the training.

By having your student complete this training you will be fulfilling optional action point 4 of the REACT programme.