Celebrate the Leaving Cert results safely – Talk to your kids about alcohol


With Leaving Cert results just around the corner, the HSE is urging parents to take steps to ensure teenagers have a safe night out celebrating their results! Even if your child is over 18, it is important to speak with them and set boundaries around alcohol.

For safety, encourage them not to mix their drinks and to avoid shots. Parents should also advise against “pre-drinking” and make sure their teenager eats a substantial meal before going out. Tell them that if they feel themselves getting drunk they should stop drinking and switch to water. Always find out what your child’s plans are, who they will be with, how they will get home, and remind them to stick together and look out for one another. It is also important to let your child know that they can always call you, no matter what.

HSE Ask About Alcohol offers resources and support for parents, with information, advice and facts to help your child stay safe and be smart around alcohol. Some helpful advice includes “10 Tips for Parents” and “Tips for Talking to a Teen”.