Step 1: To find out more about taking part in REACT, contact Mary ( or use the contact form below.

Step 2: Each institution taking part in REACT is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The REACT MOU should be signed by your institution’s President and Student Union President in order to secure both senior level and student buy-in and commitment to REACT. 

Step 3: Each institution is required to form a REACT steering committee. This committee will be responsible for implementing and monitoring the Mandatory & Optional Action Points. Each steering committee will:

a) Have student and staff representation;

b) Be chaired by a senior college official;

c) Have a member of the Gardaí, a member of the local council and a member of the Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force as committee members;

d) Meet a minimum of twice a year;

e) Review the college alcohol action plan annually.

Step 4: Each institution commits to participating in REACT for a minimum of three years. This three-year commitment will involve completing all eight mandatory action points and achieving 16 credits from the optional action point list, including two action points of ‘3 credit’ ranking. Participating institutions will receive ongoing support and input from the REACT team.

Contact us now to find out more about joining REACT: